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So summer continues at full throttle. As the title suggests banality is the name of the game. Hopefully another update to RSS/TV goes through (as they say in Jurassic Park "Hold on to your butts"). I put up a donation button with little expectations. A few weeks in, and those little expectations have turned into none. Consequently my email address has suddenly been getting a few phishing spams ala generic paypal and ebay "fill in your account details" scams. Awesome (sarcasm).

With that out of the way I managed to find a site today that somehow just grabbed on to me. It's called Bomb the World which while sounding bad is not. Quite simply it is a graffiti simulator. Login, cruise the world in search of a nice train car or subway, pick some colors, then tag away. While I have little to no artistic let alone graffiti skills I am really trying to hone what I got into a sophisticated tagging machine. Thankfully the 90,000 or so other members produce much higher caliber work that I can be inspired from. Bomb the World. (And I swear, I'm not getting paid for this ;) )

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