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Does elowel need templates or what?

Bored at 2am and threw up this quick version of Kubrick the defacto template in a million and one blogging systems. Though I used the blogger template since it took all the php out for me.

Still a little rough as I post this, but should be squared out in a day.

Avatar max *
03-23-05 00:17
cyber desperado
You can use magic to insert things like the recently updated list or the userinfo box appear in layouts.
Avatar kb
03-23-05 06:09
presses buttons that
Magic you say?
Avatar max *
03-23-05 15:32
cyber desperado
Magic indeed. Just insert the following and they'll be replaced

%subtitle_links% provides the interface links home, #users, etc.

%recent_updates% just like the name says.

%user_info% the box with the reply tracker and links to post/change settings etc.

%current_user% will grab an elowel username from the login cookie and display it.
Avatar kb
03-23-05 16:17
presses buttons that
Hehe nice... now would be a good time to stick in that some sort of ::cough:: documentation ::cough:: =)
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