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Toys 01-05-05 15:28
So what have I been playing with...

lilina, nifty web based rss aggregator
wordpress cause damn it is pretty sexy
bloxsom thanks to oneiros, and boy is it cute and one file!
phpbayes trying to ground out a backbone for my "Smart Project"

Too bad I really need to get my ass back on the rsstv train which is in need of some serious reworking. Finally, elowel is on sourceforge and is looking at a v1 release next week!? Dayum, can't wait to play with that sucker too.

Choopa 01-02-05 14:04
I don't know but I've been digging around in random code on my server and choopa keeps poping up and saying "Hi!"

Even though right now its only hook is being one file, and 3kb it might just have some potential.

Month Total Daily Gain
--------- ----- ----- ----
August 35289 1138
September 62406 2080 82%
October 114206 3684 77%
November 207608 6920 88%

November stats are in.
Color Change.

And newly released "The Smart Project" which is basically empty at this point.
(or maybe "Fucking Hot")
(or maybe "It's SPICY")


Applying Bayesian and Statistical probabilities to rss aggregation
(or maybe "crazy rss type shit")
(or maybe "revolutionizing rss")

Knowing me, expect to see neither of these come to fruition. :(
Wow, 114,206 served this October alone.

Bandwidth usage is still a mere 220mb out of 20gb.

Waiting for my name to show up in Wired now.
Random rss/tv Stats 10-27-04 08:40
Daily Users:
(average, on the low side)
August: 1500
September: 2000-2500
October: 4000

Most Popular Clients:
NetNewsWire (osx)
Bloglines (web)

Top 10 Feeds:
1. [est] HBO
2. [est] SciFi Channel
3. [pst] HBO
4. [pst] A&E
5. [pst] Comedy Central
6. [pst] Discovery Channel
7. [pst] SciFi Channel
8. [pst] HBO2
9. [est] Animal Planet
10. [pst] Showtime
13. [cst] Discovery Channel
21. [mst] CNBC
Wow so my rss feeds have blown up. I've created something that is on the fringe of bringing RSS adoption to new heights as well as taking RSS to some cool new angles. To top that off, I've created something that is on the bleeding edge of new media distribution.

Either way, this thing now has served over 150,000 feeds, and everyday the number grows faster.

Oh, and finally did I mention that some guy from Wired might want to ask me a few questions about it.
Quickies 10-17-04 20:12
Spray style like a Tek 9.

- Waiting for personal verdict on Carvel's pumpkin ice cream
- PVR - WTF? FedEx now offers an expensive 40day shipping option.
- If you don't know what the spinback is now, you will when Usher is doing it in his next video.
- Best Fast Food Dollar Menu Item of the Week: Taco Bell - Fiesta Potatos
- WTF? of the Week: Karate Explosion
- Now an elite TypeWorks beta tester.
- New article(s?) coming soon to ktyp.com/kb
Yay for Bandwidth 10-05-04 12:52
My site Bootleg RSS just got picked up by C|Net which is a big fucking deal.
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