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Still Alive 02-02-06 10:32
No More Ads 07-19-05 16:35
So I've tried a few things to make my browsing experience less ad intrusive on FireFox. Greasemonkey never worked, and AdBlock out of the box is useless. Finally I found something that works:

AdBlock + Filterset.G.

Goodbye ads.
Banality 06-28-05 20:32
So summer continues at full throttle. As the title suggests banality is the name of the game. Hopefully another update to RSS/TV goes through (as they say in Jurassic Park "Hold on to your butts"). I put up a donation button with little expectations. A few weeks in, and those little expectations have turned into none. Consequently my email address has suddenly been getting a few phishing spams ala generic paypal and ebay "fill in your account details" scams. Awesome (sarcasm).

With that out of the way I managed to find a site today that somehow just grabbed on to me. It's called Bomb the World which while sounding bad is not. Quite simply it is a graffiti simulator. Login, cruise the world in search of a nice train car or subway, pick some colors, then tag away. While I have little to no artistic let alone graffiti skills I am really trying to hone what I got into a sophisticated tagging machine. Thankfully the 90,000 or so other members produce much higher caliber work that I can be inspired from. Bomb the World. (And I swear, I'm not getting paid for this ;) )
Getting Stuff Done 06-17-05 08:17
Spent the good part of yesterday tweaking code and whipping up a design I'm rather proud of for my tv rss feeds. A very interesting prospect I though about was how significant my daily hits will drop assuming your average aggregator respects the TTL tag I just added to my feeds.
Dog Days of Summer Part 2 06-14-05 20:59
So I go to my local WaldenBooks on a whim and that PopSci sidebar is also in the magazine, page 75. Woo, there goes my fifteen minutes.

My first elowel design is up. A little testing blog over at kbtest in case you want to follow along on my designs.

That job search becomes ever more important as my cash flow runs even lower. So poor infact, my hosting was suspened 3 days after that PopSci link (way to make an impression) which also knocked down another website I host.

Cue me and friend talking about how poor I am.
[30 Minutes Later]
Friend: Yo, why is the website down?
Me: THAT is how poor I am.

So I figure a little PayPal donation button is in order on my RSS site. Too bad PayPal deems that feature unecessary as it is impossible to do right now.

Finally, among all this poverty I managed to get a brand spaking new iPod Mini today. So far I am left with much lower expectations that I originally had and am currently underwhelmed right now. iTunes sucks (but I already knew that), don't even try to change the title on a 300mb mp3, and the included speakers; pretty shitty. I couldn't help but find the irony of a sticker that comes on the iPod saying "Don't Steal Music." Silly Apple.
Popular Science Likes Me 06-09-05 16:56
They just linked (check right column) my little web project.

Kinda late though ;)
2 Weeks 05-08-05 20:01
... is all that stands between me and 3 months of what could range from pure debauchery to a mind and body cleansing experience unparelled in recent memory. Sad part is, I only have 4 actual days where I need to go to school. 10 days of boredom, 4 of which will be me going home for a quick stayover.

I was thinking of going through my big plans for the summer but out of fatigue, that will have to wait.

Kubrick for elowel needs more work (haven't even touched it since my last post) and no I seriously am not lying by saying that I want to do some more layouts. Just gimme time.
Kubrick 03-22-05 23:30
Does elowel need templates or what?

Bored at 2am and threw up this quick version of Kubrick the defacto template in a million and one blogging systems. Though I used the blogger template since it took all the php out for me.

Still a little rough as I post this, but should be squared out in a day.
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